While precariously hanging over the back of the boat installing the backstay bolts was a challenge, even more challenging was attempting to fix our broken fridge. Unfortunately, our attempts fail and we’re left fridgeless. With boat projects out the way and done with, we set off for a sail around to St George’s… weather permitting.

In this episode of Millennial Falcon, we are back on the water and getting our sea legs back.

As we splashed back on the water last week in such a rush we had to finish off a few jobs that we didn’t finish in the yard. Namely, changing out the bolts on our backstay and attempting to fix a very poorly timed refrigerator breakdown!

By the time we go for the sail it’s a beautiful afternoon and we show our new crew the ropes of how to sail and catch a fish (it was probably more of them showing US how to catch one!). While we did manage to get a fish on the line, catching him was a different matter as our boat’s newly painted hull made her a bit too smooth and fast in the water and the poor little fish just couldn’t keep up with the lure!… never a complaint we’ve had to make before!

We round out the fantastic day sailing by a wrap up in the cockpit of what we’ve been up to in the yard and the sailing day.

We hope you enjoy!

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