After our disastrous attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean a few years ago, it started to dawn on us that we were going to try it again… very soon.

We had officially arrived in Bermuda after a 6 days sail from St Martin, with LOTS of leaks, a few broken blocks and plenty of caulking to do in order to get us ready for a trip across the ocean again.

Being a little scarred from last time, we were trying to prepare for EVERY eventuality… including checking the propeller shaft, JUST in case it had moved! It was a massive sigh of relief that we confirmed that it had not moved and if something broke on this passage, it most likely wasn’t gong to be that. It took us about a week of preparation to get us ready to go again. Now we just had to wait for a suitable weather window.

So while we were waiting, we decided to rent a scooter and do a more thorough exploration of the island than we had done last time. Our first and big stop of the journey was the beautiful beaches of Bermuda. Spotting HUGE fish, snorkeling and discoing little fairy ponds in the cliffs. It was such a gorgeous place that we ended up spending a lot longer here than planned and after ways had a late lunch at the oldest pub in Bermuda, the Swizzle Inn.

While we were there, we identified a pretty good window which we might have been able to cross in.