We left you last week having sailed ~800nm of the Atlantic Ocean and this week we pick right back up where we left off!

We went for 2 days without touching the Hydrovane to change course and then Adam took the reigns to make sure we still had a working rudder…and almost for something to do!

We then had to start making some northerly ground and made our first gybe in 4 days, beating into some unbelievably strong currents. While I (Khiara) was a little unsure about what to do with myself during the daylight hours, we had plenty of visits from dolphins to entertain us!

After a few days on this tack the wind finally shifted and we could start beam reaching our way into the Azores. Adam first spotted landfall (the island of Flores) on day 13 however on day 15 we finally crept towards Horta in a dead calm, celebrating what we’d worked for 2 years to achieve!

We have finally crossed the Atlantic Ocean!