We finally took Millie out for a sail, (she was looking at us longingly when we raced on Adrianna1 the other week) and she did great! We left from Tyrell bay in Carriacou to Anse la Roche.

The new (to us) traveller worked really well and we had a great day of just sailing for sailing sake up to the northern anchorage in Carriacou. We did many more miles than necessary just to stay out as long as possible before the sun started to set! 

The next day we met up with some friends who managed to persuade Adam to take his kite board for a spin while being towed behind the dinghy…

I had my doubts (mainly that we’d break some bones or the board) but Adam was surprisingly ok at it! So for the rest of the afternoon we had some fun wake boarding and wiping out (mostly by me). After hearing of our success being towed behind a dinghy, a new friend on a power cat in the anchorage wanted to up the game.

So he took us out to try and wake boarding behind his big boat… and there is a big amount of wake!

A few days later, to loosen up the sore limbs, we headed for a walk up to the peak of a nearby mountain. The wand of spiders came back out of retirement and we met a few tortoise along the way, convincing ourselves that while they look quite cute, they probably wouldn’t be the best boat pets. The peak was very beautiful and we got the drone flying too!

We hope you enjoy!

Khi 😀

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