Where in the world is Millennial Falcon?

Thanks to our generous friends at YangoSat you can now track us in real time by way of their awesome service, YangoTrack

When we raise the antennae on our IridiumGo that’s when a ping will appear on the map. In time, it will be filled with blog posts, photos and YouTube links from each of the locations we’ve visited.


YangoTrack has been a bit of a game changer for us… Keeping in touch at sea has always been a challenge and after we got the IridiumGo we’d give our number to a few family and friends… and then send them our coordinates. To a non sailor like my parents are, this is somewhat useless (how do you even input that into Google Maps?!)

When we started with YangoTrack we saw this cool red line being drawn on a world map – our route in real time! It was so awesome that we stuck it on our website for the world to see where we were (and to stop our parents from worrying). We then started posting our daily antics while at sea – “Yes, we KNOW we’re going in the wrong direction…It’s called sailing.”, “Yes, we know there’s a storm barreling up our ass… Don’t stress everyone!”. It provided a little fun and peace of mind for everyone at home. 

We really like the guys at YangoTrack (we’ve had some good chats with them!), we love their services and very reasonable prices, this is why we’d genuinely recommend it to anyone travelling far and wide.

If you want your own snazzy map for your journey then head on over to YangoTrack here.