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We love releasing videos in the hope that it puts a smile on someone’s face and if we’re laughing and chuckling with ourselves while editing a video then we know you’ll enjoy it too. We’ve been blown away by the positive messages and comments we receive from people who are sharing our journey along with us saying that our video’s have brightened their day. Receiving messages like these is thanks enough and sometimes after a hard day of working on the boat, is the reason we keep creating more. We do have some people who want to help us out a bit more than just their positive words and we are extremely grateful for those who want to.

These don’t cost you anything!

Watch our YouTube videos (duhh) and the ads if you can – we do get a little kick back from YouTube by letting them display ads on our videos, if you want to watch the whole 30 seconds at the beginning of the video then you’ll be our favourite human (just let it run while you put the kettle on).

Like, Comment and Share the videos – we like being liked (who doesn’t) and we love chatting with you guys, if you liked a video or have a question or some encouragement for us then let us know! We read them all 🙂

Join us on social media – If more people follow along our journey with us then the more of the above will happen, joining us on instagram or facebook is another way to share our journey with us.

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I don’t think we’ve hidden the fact that we love a good beer after a hard day… or any day for that matter 😉 If you can’t be there to join us, we will most certainly be cheers-ing you when we have our first sip!!

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Head on over to our shop to pick up some Millennial Falcon tees. We use a print on demand company from US and Europe we use less waste while bring you our merch! The shipping times are also nice and fast!

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