In this episode, we set about finishing up our boat work in Spice Island Marina Boat Yard. Adam wraps up the installation of the Bruntons H5 Autoprop and does a thorough test to make sure that the new propeller is fitted well. Meanwhile, I gave the hull a final coat of black making Millie look like a new lady!

Our last job on the list before getting back in the water was a quick grease of the seacocks below the waterline and then we should have been ready to splash… except that would have been too easy! One troublesome seacock put a spanner in the works as we noticed that both the inside and the outside of the seacock were turning in the hole… an obvious sign that the fitting was loose and if we had of gone back in the water, seawater would leak straight into our boat!

So out the seacock came and our splash date came and went… we were stuck in the yard with a hole in our boat… again! We spent the next few days educating ourselves about the best seacock to replace it with and how to fit it and finally, fitting it and hoping and praying that it wouldn’t leak when we finally splashed!

A few days later, the yard asked if we wanted to splash that very day… in fact with just an hour’s notice! One frantic hour later, the Millennial Falcon was being hoisted into slings as we watched nervously, hoping that she would firstly move, after having installed the new propeller, and secondly, that she wouldn’t have any leaks after having installed the new seacock.

Just 9 days of being in the boatyard and we were back in the water…a record for us despite our brief delay. After doing a few checks and ensuring we didn’t have any new leaks, we headed out to anchor to get ready to… sit and wait!