This episode we wrap up our St Martin boat chores, finally! From our checklist on what we needed to be be prepared and ready for an ocean crossing, we felt that our rigging, communications while at sea and safety needed were quite high up the list and needed to be addressed. 

So we completed the work on our rigging, replacing all swages at deck level with Stalock and Norseman fittings and all four of our closed barrel turnbuckles which we know for a fact were original with the boat (1981 = 38 years old!!). We also replaced the backstay and two intermediary shrouds which further beefed up our rig! We plan to replace all shrouds within the year but our budget has limitations so we’ll work on replacing them over the space of the year. 

Next, we headed to pick up some mail we had delivered which contains some pressies from KEEN Footwear . We were mightily impressed with our new hiking boots and fashionable footwear… I think our reactions prove it!  Comfort and fashion in ONE shoes?! Astounding! We both can’t wait to experience a walk where we don’t get stung with cactus, nettles, sticks, rocks, glass etc that comes with our usual (lack of) footwear…

Next out the box was our new Iridium GO Marine package so we can get emails and communicate while at sea. (We found that Predict Wind had the cheapest price for $999US). I think we might do a review on this in the coming months because we’ve learnt a lot about the setup, extra expenses we needed after the initial purchase as well as info on how to communicate with other on sat phones, as well as the folks at home. It might come in handy for other people. 

Lastly, our Aussie EPIRB… an essential safety item for voyages! Not only do we have a US registered EPIRB that came with our boat but now we have another one! I’m sure there’s a saying… “two is one and one is none”, you can never have too many spares on a boat! 

Our safety component of preparing for an ocean crossing was getting our life raft recertified. After hauling the 30kg beast into our dinghy (no easy feat) we then set off to get that job sorted.

We both are so happy that the boat work we did in St Martin is out the way and done with and now we can get back to sailing!! Bring on some more adventures!!