Our Journey

There’s a lot to say about where we started… the dream, the planning, the boat hunt, the learning… the list could go on! For now, we’ll just focus on the physical place where we started the journey on our sailboat and where we plan to go in future.

There is a big wide world out there and the longer we live this life on the water, the more we realise that the world will always be there and we have plenty of time to explore.  This is something that I didn’t quite grasp in the beginning… I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I expected to sail the Caribbean, Atlantic, Pacific and onwards to Australia – all within 18 months! Technically, it can be done. But no one should ever buy a sailboat expecting to travel quickly or not break anything (and consequently have to stay in port waiting for said item to be fixed). We would have also missed seeing, experiencing and immersing ourselves in so many new places, which is something that we love so much about this life. 

So, after about a year of sailing we decided to give up on planning and instead focus on refitting our 40 year old boat and seeing where the wind blew us.

Here’s a summary of our journey so far:

We bought our boat in Feb 2018 in Port Charlotte, Florida and while fitting out, learning to sail, flying back to Australia for a wedding as well as racing hurricane season, we managed to rack up a few thousand nm sailing from US to the Caribbean.

The next year, we decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean, sailing as far as 3 days east of Bermuda before returning back to the Caribbean for repairs… We now had a vendetta against the Atlantic!

2020… we don’t talk about 2020 🙂 (we were officially grounded)

In May 2021 we made the journey up to Bermuda again and successfully cross the Atlantic Ocean!

So what now? Here's the plan...

After spending a few years in the warm climate of the Caribbean, we feel a little overdue for some cold weather and we have Norway in our sights.

At the beginning of 2022 we successfully completed a circumnavigation of the Atlantic Ocean (vendetta successfully won!) and will be spending a month or two fitting out the boat for colder climates as well as ticking off some overdue boat projects to beef up the boat.

Depending on when we finish our repairs & upgrades we have two options on how to best sail north in time for a Norwegian summer. The faster of the two routes is to sail to UK via Azores and then make our way through Scotland and on to Norway. The more leisurely route if we have more time will be to sail the northern Atlantic crossing via Canada, Greenland, Iceland then Scotland and on to Norway.

Whatever route we end up doing, it’s going to be an exciting 2022 for us and the Falcon and we hope you enjoy the videos to come!