Meet Millennial Falcon

Tayana 42 Millennial Falcon

Let's start with the name...

Millennial Falcon. It doesn’t quite conjour up whimsical thoughts of sailing into the sunset like the name ‘Serenity’ might do but it did make us laugh when our friend first jokingly suggested it at a farewell breakfast BBQ in Perth.

I’d recently learnt that people born between 1981 and 1996 were considered millennials and shared this fact with our group of friends. Some, including me, were a bit surprised when they first learnt this… I had a whopping 2 photos on instagram, hadn’t posted on Facebook in 3 years and while I would turn to google to get some facts in a conversation, I could easily go a few days without turning my phone on. Not what you’d consider common traits of a Millennial.

So sitting down with our friends that morning after having discussed the new Star Wars film that was out, this ironic and amusing name appealed to us and summed Adam and I up perfectly…

A little nerdy, unique and unconventional, able to laugh at ourselves and hopefully give others a chuckle too when they read our boat name… Millennial Falcon aka Millie.


If you’re not much of a reader and want to see all our boat details in a boat tour we’ve created a video tour of the Millennial Falcon here…


The Millennial Falcon is a centre cockpit, 1981 Tayana Vancouver 42 built by Ta Yang in Taiwan. Ta Yang means ‘big ocean’ in Mandarin and Tayana means ‘belongs to big ocean’.

Since 1973, the yard has built over 1,400 blue water cruisers, 200 of them being a Tayana 42. It was co designed by boat builder Robert Harris and as the name suggests, she is 42 feet in length and has a distinctive canoe stern design.


Length Over All (LOA): 41’9″ / 12.7m

Length at Waterline (LWL): 33′ 0″ / 10.1m

Beam: 12′ 6″ / 3.8 m

Draft: 5’ 10″ / 1.8m

Displacement: 29,147lbs / 13,225kg

Sail Area: 1009 sq ft / 77.4 sq m

Fuel Tankage: 120 US gal. / 454 l (in two stainless steel tanks)

Water Tankage: 150 US gal. / 567 l (in two stainless steel tanks)

Engine: 55hp Yanmar 4JH5E

Tayana 42 Wire Frame


The Tayana weighs 29,000lbs unloaded which includes an 11,800lbs fully encapsulated cast iron fin keel surrounded by 1.5 inch thick fiberglass.


The Tayana is a cutter rig has a double spreader main providing 1000 square feet of canvas and has ample sail area for her displacement. She has a deck stepped mast of 65 foot clearance and a unique diamond stay at the upper spreaders eliminating the need for running back stays. She does not suffer from any weather or lee helm in any conditions and it is said that the stay sail alone will provide balance at 40 plus knots should the need arise.

Under Sail

The Tayana’s have an extremely comfortable motion comfort (43.44)and a reasonable turn of speed when under way (7.7knts hull speed). Given her heavy weight she does struggle to make ground in light winds of less than 10 knot however is in her element in 15-20 knots of wind. Our best speed while sailing her is 8.3 knots.


When we bought our boat the previous owners had put in a few upgrades and modifications in order to make it convenient for their cruising life in the Caribbean. We’ve taken away and added a few more on top of this to adapt to OUR needs for Millie. An example of this is that we’ve added more renewable energy sources and electric appliances which have replaced the engine/diesel driven appliances that were on our boat when we bought it.

Including some of our upgrades and improvements, our extras are:




  • Replaced all standing rigging in 2019/20 including the removal of antenna from backstay.
  • New Garhauer mast blocks, cleats and deck organisers 2020 & 2022
  • Replaced teak decks with non skid paint


  • Lofran Tigres Windlass
  • 200ft 12mm chain
  • Rocna 20kg Anchor


  • We’ve been through a few outboards in our adventure thus far and our latest is 9.9hp Honda 4 stroke. This is entirely due to the generous people at Thornhill Lawn Equipment in Ontario who were sick of seeing us breaking down!
  • 10ft AB aluminium bottom inflatable dinghy.


  • B&G Vulcan 12 Chartplotter
  • Halo20 Radar
  • ST60 Raymarine instruments
  • Navionics used on iPad.
  • Iridium Go
  • Starlink RV Plan