Installing a Serpentine belt on a Balmar-6 series 100 Amp alternator and a Dinghy Repair for good measure!

After our brief stay in the marina we noticed we were pretty deficient in quality docking lines so we decided it was high time to upgrade our ragged old ones for some shiny new line.

Khiara made the solo journey to Island Water World in St Georges harbor from one of our favorite hiding places Grand Mal anchorage just to the north. the journey began like many times before only this time at possibly the least convenient place the Outboard engine failed.

With broken oar locks, no anchor and no radio, poor Khiara was able to get the motor working just in time to avoid being washed out to sea or onto the rocks between the bays and make it back to the boat.

Adam set about repairing the outboard engine the following morning. The day after that the boat maintenance kick continued when Adam and

Khiara installed a Serpentine belt kit on their Balmar-6 series 100 Amp alternator. The reason for this was to correct once and for all the overabundance of belt dust that had been accumulating for the past few years and had resulted in many shredded belts and many unnecessary alternator servicing’s.