In this episode, we realize we are running out of fresh food on the boat in the middle of lockdown.

The government of Grenada has limited when shops are open and how often we are allowed to go to shore to… once a week.

As we get closer to the shops to stock up, we see that the whole of Grenada has come out in force to do exactly the same thing. After trying multiple times to get food, we realize that it’s not going to happen and the rusty cans of food from the back of the cupboard start making an appearance!

In between waiting for more information from the government as to how long the lockdown will continue for and when we can next get some food, we work on a few boat projects like waterproofing our gas locker.

Finally, the day arrives and we spend a whopping 9 hours waiting in line for the chance to stock up on groceries. At 5pm, a victorious Sean comes back from the shops and we have a barbeque to celebrate the win of the week!

We hope you enjoy!

Ads and Khi x

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