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After our unboxing of our new Isotherm Cruise 130 Elegance, we then eagerly set about installing our new fridge! The episode (linked above) represents the more technical episode of our fridge installation.

Adam really did pretty much have to tear apart my kitchen to make this massive rig fit in the counter face. Before getting the firge, we’d already made sure it would fit in the space we had.But even so,it was tight.

Our challenge was converting our top loading fridge to a new front loading fridge. We had to build a new hole, which meant ripping out the old hole and expanding it. We came across a few concerns while doing so… a rotting floor to name one! Where condensation from the old fridge had been seeping into the foam insulation and not draining. We could literally wring the foam insulation out by hand. After we replaced the floor, we then build a box in the front of the counter top with plywood.

Another consideration was getting sufficient airflow in the box to cool down the compressor. As there wasn’t much space around the fridge once it was in the box, we needed to design a way to get the hot air from the compressor out of the box so the fridge worked more efficiently. Spare computer fans came out of storage and we installed them right next to the compressor to divert the hot air into the next room and out of the small box.

After a few days of hard work, we then installed the fridge (and celebrated when the fridge fit perfectly inside the box).

We are absolute converts to front loading fridges and for boats with limited counter tops like ours, we gained not only more fridge space, but more counter top space too. It’s just as efficient as our old fridge (drawing 3.5-4 amps). We will endeavor over time to get the cycle load of the fridge and report back here with an update and review!

Check out our galley makeover video where we created new Epoxy Countertops for our galley after we installed the fridge.

We hope that you enjoy the video!

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