Last year in St Martin we began the process of Re-Rigging our sailboat in preparation for crossing to Bermuda.

We did all of the work ourselves and used Sta-lok fittings on the lower ends of the stays once they were cut to length. At the time we could only afford to do the Backstay, Baby-stay and the Intermediary Stays, as well as replacing some original closed cell turn buckles that looked a little tired.

The deal was that we would complete the remainder of the rigging within one year as soon as we could afford to do it and we had the opportunity.

This was that opportunity!

We had 3 days in a marina fall in our lap and we took used every second of it to change out 6 stays in 3 days. We managed to change all four lower stays, the top caps, and attempted the forestay but were unable to finish as a result of the furler tube.

We’ll have to try that one again another time soon!