So after a few months hiatus, we’re ready to leave the ordinary life we started to get used to and head back to the extraordinary boat life we left behind!

We spent a massive 10 weeks in Australia (4 of which we extended) but it wasn’t all drinks and frivolities (although the Christmas period did involve a fair amount of this!). 

Walking on beach with surfboard Australia
Trying our hand at surfing while in Aus

After a few weeks of settling in and enjoying spending time with our family, we realized we weren’t ready to go back to the boat yet and we’ll admit that the conveniences of life on land had gotten our claws into us. 

There was air conditioning… AND a washing machine! Not to mention internet on tap.

Lured in by all the things we dreamt of on the boat, we extended another few weeks on the proviso that we got a lot of work done with episodes and some other ideas we have in the pipeline. 

To fund our extra month while we weren’t producing sailing videos, our very supportive family and friends in Gold Coast promptly gave us their lists of odd jobs they’d been putting off, paying us to do them instead. We ended up mowing 7 lawns, painting 2 rooms, weeding 2 gardens, varnishing 1 outdoor deck and cleaning 2 houses (we also did a few Airtasker jobs too while we were in handyman/cleaner mode). 

So, over our extended 4 weeks we got a bit of extra cash which added a little to our sailing kitty as well. 

After 10 weeks, the novelty of land life had worn off a bit more and we were ready to head back to the boat. 

We arrived with one suitcase and 2 carry on luggage and now had to squeeze a LOT of boat parts, clothes and purchases that seemed like a great idea at the time (looking at you fake plants) back into suitcases. 

Adam & Khiara at Brisbane Airport
Our farewell before heading back to the boat

Then the fun began! On the way to Australia we thought it’d be a GREAT idea to have a stopover in New York as Adam had never been there and the price of flights via NY were significantly cheaper. Unfortunately, the return journey also meant we had to stop here too and lug 3 suitcases while we were at it. Our silver lining was a 6 hour stopover in Hawaii, just enough time to nip down to the beautiful Waikiki Beach and have a quick dip before getting back on the plane.

After a total of 3 days of traveling, 4 flights and 2 hotels and airbnbs we finally made it back to Grenada and the boat!

So finally, we’re back to our extraordinary life with the enthusiasm we had of when we first started our our adventure! Now bring on those adventures!

Adam and Khiara on bow of sailing millennial falcon