About Us - Adam & Khiara


We’re Adam & Khiara and we’re currently cruising in our 1981 Tayana Vancouver 42, named the Millennial Falcon (read more about our boat here)

We met each other in 2015 when Adam moved in to our 5 bedroom share house in Melbourne, Australia. Thankfully it was love at first sight (or that could have been awkward!) and within a few short months of spending nearly every minute together we soon started planning what we thought our future would hold.

Having worked full time since I (Khiara) was 16 years old,  I was dreaming of taking a year or two off to explore and travel the world. I broached this to Adam who was just finishing his studies at the time in Engineering, and it didn’t take much convincing for Adam to get onboard with this plan!… Except he threw in one dream of his own… to own a sailboat.

And so our sailing dream was born.

Adam had been sailing from a teenager in Perth and knew a fair bit about how to sail. I on the other hand knew nothing… To catch me up,  we posted our interest to join as racing crew on a noticeboard in Melbourne Yacht Club and within a few days got a message back. For the next year we went out most Saturday’s and Wednesday’s to get some sailing experience under out belt. We also already had some small savings, and for two years we live VERY frugally, saving and trying to get as much money together as possible.

On 1st January 2018 we finally made the leap and jumped on a plane from Melbourne to Miami with all of our worldy belongings. We hit the ground running on the other end and set off on a boat hunt, visiting around 15 boats to search for the perfect one…

One and a half months later, we splashed down the Millennial Falcon and she’s been our floating home ever since.

So join us while we laugh, learn, swear, celebrate and sail the long way back home…