In this episode – We break stuff, Fix stuff, and Swing from some stuff! – We do some journaling, and we answer your questions! – After a quick recap of the situation here in Grenada, we pick up our story in day 3 of lockdown on our boat with nowhere to go but 42 feet.

We decided that it would be a good use of time to tackle some of those boat chores that we’ve been putting off for months, one ongoing one is the engine rust. Khiara pulled out the lift pump for the engine in an attempt to de-rust it but after an hour of scrubbing only managed to break the thing!

The next day, Adam took a pass at it and found the greatest fix of all… a spare hiding in the cupboard! With the engine back together and able to make water again, Adam decided to do a little spring cleaning, throwing away old and obsolete appliances that are sitting in the engine bay. We call it a successful day and head to our new big brother diary room!

2 days later, the government of Grenada decided to allow one day of essential food shopping a week. As Sean and I head to shore for supplies, we see that the rest of the island seems to have the same idea and hundreds of people are queuing at the same time!

We also have a Q&A segment at the end of the video answering comments and questions from people!

Love Ads and Khi 😀

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